Goodbye to Good Friends

dear friends

What a great gift the Lord blessed us with! Dear friends – some old, some new but all dear to us. People we spent almost everyday with, some with whom we served, and some who helped us in this adventure. May the Lord bless these friends richly:

Severin – a devoted follower of Christ, leader of leaders, joyful worker, and a patient and loving husband and father, and a dear friend with whom we spent most days.

Jules – one of Severin’s apprentice village church leaders, a man with great joy in the Lord and hunger for His word, a single dad of three plus his deceased brother’s three children, a diligent worker who loved our children as his own.

Maanou – a gentle young man filled with the Spirit, a desire to share the Word, and the skill and persistence to translate the Salvation Bracelet narrative from French to Dagara.

Mr Barry – our ninja night guard, who always had a smile and a warm welcome to us whenever we came home.

Mr Saalem – our fill in guard who was always happy to see us in town or at our house. Milling the food for Oreo, our pet goat, helping to keep her health robust.

Rebeka – our friend, Tara’s soul sister and the tireless hands of Jesus to the people of the Dano area with nowhere to turn for milk and medical care.

Bintu – a friend to Marylee, Tara and the kids who spent many hours speaking French on the veranda and sharing stories of our faith, family and cultures.

Delphine – our language teacher who helped us to get a working knowledge of French in short order.

The Matheny Family – faith filled missionaries God wove into our lives to share fun times as well as the challenges of missionary life. We will miss our drives to Bobo for groceries with the excitement of seeing “The Mathenys”!

Micah – a friend and big sister to Luke and Eliana who shared her toys and time and making the twins feel loved and welcome.

London – a gentle spirit, a friend to Marylee and Isabella, and a great music director for our Sunday worship services.

Suzanne – a straight shooting loving friend, who opened her home to us (and her lime tree), and  her huge heart for ‘the least of these’.

Geoffrey – a dear friend, a prayer warrior, lover of people, who almost never seems to stop working for those who have nowhere to turn.

We love you all and we will miss you. In Jesus’ Name –