We are the Body of Christ… The continuing mission of Adventurers for Jesus


We are always mindful and thankful for the mission of our awesome church – Oaks Hills Church – ‘We are the body of Christ, called to be Jesus in our neighborhood, city and beyond.’ This has been at the heart of our service here in Burkina Faso, and will continue to be a driving force. When we sent to Africa by the Global Outreach, we went to support our church missionaries (the Richters) and the effort to equip leaders. God blessed us with opportunities to do both of those things. He also made us aware of the importance of serving where you are at any given moment (‘neighborhood’). For many Christians, this is no small feat and often-uncharted territory.

Our heart felt desire is to equip people to fulfill both the Great Command and the Great Commission at every given moment. It can be the use of an attractive and engaging Salvation Bracelet, the expression of key stories from the Bible, or playing of audio Bibles in almost any language. The aim is to help people express the great love of God. What could be more powerful?

Then, once exposed to the Word, most people in western cultures can be plugged into a near by church. This is often not the case in remote areas like Burkina Faso, so church leaders must emerge and be trained. This involves much more than the use of a bracelet or simple story telling – it involves training pastors – people who can lead a local church. This too I our heart felt desire.

Stay connected with us. Join us in this prayer and in this work.