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tk pumpThe love of Jesus makes all the difference here in Burkina Faso. Illness and death comes so quickly. Poverty and hunger are so prevalent that it seems there is not enough time or money to solve the problem. But, obedience to the great commandment to love and the great commission to witness will have eternal impact. Obedience can be integrated in the acts of equipping leaders with tools to introduce the Good News of Jesus to people throughout the world. These tools can be low tech (Salvation Bracelets) or high tech (solar powered mobile video), or somewhere in between. And, with the reality that a great number of people either do not read or prefer to learn in ways other than reading, the age-old way of learning by listening remains a powerful way people receive the Good News of Jesus.

Here in West Africa we have seen the power of the Holy Spirit in the most simple of ways. Salvation Bracelet, Wordless Book Orality story telling and audio Bible on SD cards are all easy and low cost ways to deliver the saving love of Jesus.

Here in Burkina Faso, the Oak Hills Church Mission led by Geoffrey and Suzanne Richter has initiated Orality training. Twenty village church leaders were trained in how to deliver five key stories in the local language. These twenty leaders then trained ten more each in the same method. Stay tuned for updates on the Orality movement here in Burkina. Within the next couple of weeks, these leaders will also be trained in delivering the Message via Salvation Bracelets

Tara and I have been involved in two more exciting ways to amplify the Word of God. Two local church leaders have been working with us in the use of two tools from Faith Comes by Hearing [hyperlink] We are now testing how SD cards that are easily put into mobile phones and the Proclaimer that can project to over 1,000 people can be used here, and we are encouraged and blessed by reception and use so far!

You can join us in several ways. First, please pray that the Lord will bless the local leaders who are learning to use these new tools. Second, you can learn to use these tools yourselves – in you neighborhoods, cities and beyond AND share your storied with us. Third, you can support the effort financially to help us purchase to tools and train the leaders. May God bless you richly with many opportunities to share the Good News!


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